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Stubborn Blockage Solutions

There are several blockages that can occur in numerous areas on your property. It's important to be aware of where these blockages can occur and what to do when they do. Even though you can usually resolve minor blockages on your own, most drain issues need to be dealt with by a professional.

Types of Drain Blockages

  • Sink drain blockages
  • Toilet blockages
  • Stormwater blockages
  • Sewer blockages

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Our Unblocking Methods

High-Pressure Water Jetting 

When we use this method, we employ 5,000 to 6,000 kpi of high-pressure water into your stormwater or sewer line. Our plumbing technician uses various cutting heads with the jet to break down tree roots, grease, debris, sludge and more. We then use the jet to flush and clear out the line. 

Camera Inspections

At X-Act Plumbing Services, we use the latest technology in CCTV drain cameras to save you time and money. Our preferred equipment includes the Ridgid SeaSnake CS6 with a self-levelling head and NaviTrack Scout locator. This allows our technician to view the inside of your pipe to diagnose what the problem is.

The footage is stored on a USB device and can be viewed by the homeowner, property manager or interested party. Our technician can then locate the head of the camera to pinpoint the exact location of the issue and establish the best long-term solution to the problem. This minimises downtime and saves you money on trial-and-error problem solving.

Dealing With Tree Root Blockages

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