Leak Detection

Accurate Leak Location and Resolution

Leak Detection in Redland City


Advanced Leak Detection Technology

At X-Act Plumbing Services, we're proud to use the most current and advanced underground acoustic leak detection technology from Sewerin. This enables us to locate underground leaks quickly and efficiently and guarantees the best and least intrusive repair. 

Utilising the Latest Equipment for Reliable Leak Detection

How Acoustic Leak Detection Works

When a pressurised pipe leaks, it causes a vibration at the source of the leak. This vibration travels along the pipe, but as it gets farther away from the origin, the vibration gets lighter. Using acoustic leak detection technology, we ensure an accurate leak location, which results in faster and easier repairs, minimal water loss and lower costs.

More About Sewerin Leak Technology

Sewerin is an internationally successful company in Germany with top-level products. It is a market technology leader in gas and water supply, and with 90 years of industry experience, the products they provide are nearly failproof. We trust and rely on their measuring devices in all of our leak detection services. 

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